Road School is actually the third St. Patrick School in the city of Guelph and was named in recognition of Guelph's first Catholic School, which had been built in the downtown area many years ago.

Plans for the first phase of this two storey school, contained seven classrooms, a kindergarten room and a room twice the size of a classroom, to serve as a general purpose area. In 1970, the school was renovated and a gymnasium was added and the front foyer was enlarged to provide more office space. The second stage of renovations in 1971 added eight more classrooms. The general purpose area was no longer needed so it was changed into a library.

In the summer of 2001 , the beginning of a third renovation phase was initiated with the nurse's room being converted into a wheelchair accessible washroom. A time out space was provided in the remaining portion of this area. In addition, a retractable stage was installed in the gymnasium to upgrade this facility.

Within the next few years the balance of the renovation plan will be implemented incorporating a number changes including: additional office space, a larger staff room, additional storage space, a handicapped lift etc. The plans for this renovation are in the very early stages of development and should be finalized by the end of this school year.

In September 1996, due to boundary changes within the Wellington Catholic District School Board , the Eramosa and Rockwood communities became part of St. Patrick Catholic School, resulting in a unique blend of county and city population. With this expansion, St. Patrick now incorporated three Catholic Church affiliations, namely Holy Rosary Parish in the city of Guelph, Sacred Heart Parish in Rockwood, and St. Peter's Parish in Oustic.

In regards to providing services to the local neighbouring community, St. Patrick School has formed a partnership with the Brant and Waverley Neighbourhood Groups. Annual Clothing and Food Drives have been of great assistance in support of families within this school and neighbouring localities.

Since its opening in 1968, St. Patrick School has had six principals as indicated below:

1968-1973 - Joe Waters
1973-1974 - William Malone
1974-1975 - Joe Waters
1976-1986 - George Kron
1986-1996 - Art Connolly
1996-2000 - Michael Noonan
2000-2005 - Josephine Scott
2005-2007 - Sebastian Dal Bo
2007-2013 - Gabriella Facchini
2013-2019 - David Mencfeld
2019-2021 - Corey Malone

2021-Present - Kellie Angerilli

Though the school has changed in many ways over the years the same school spirit that made it a success many years ago is still present today, supported by its unique history and promising future. Through ongoing positive collaboration between school, community and parish partners we are continuing to develop new directions for positive change.

Mission Statement
St. Patrick Catholic School is a Educational Community which upholds the motto of "Love, Laugh and Learn". We are dedicated to encouraging the development of the whole person, while recognizing the uniqueness of each individual. We are committed to providing a safe environment which fosters spiritual growth and academic excellence for all. This is achieved through a shared partnership of home, school and parish.


"We are dedicated to encouraging the development of the whole person, while recognizing the uniqueness of each individual."